Hey guys,

My name is Brian Maddox and I’m the creator of Dating Principle.

First let me tell you a little bit about myself: I’m 25 years old, a 3rd year physics student and like a lot of us I struggled with meeting girls.

I had one girlfriend when I was a teenager. She was a girl I knew since we were kids. When we broke up I was lost. I had no idea how to approach a girl let alone start a conversation. When I did try I ended up being “the friend” and you can imagine how awful that felt. I was okay looking but I just had no idea what to say to get them to be interested in me romantically.

So I searched online for a solution to my problem. I read a ton of books, watched a lot of infield videos and video guides, bought online courses, got skype coaching and then even one on one coaching.

I practiced approach until I was sick of myself. It took a looong time but now I have the most beautiful and smart girlfriend and I no longer feel lost when I’m at the company of women.

So it was all worth it.  And it’s going to be worth for you if you persevere.

Enjoy the site and I hope it will help you improve your dating life.

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