My Love Systems Bootcamp Review -Should You Attend?
My Love Systems Bootcamp Review – Should You Attend?

My Love Systems Bootcamp Review – Should You Attend?


So How was my Love Systems Bootcamp Experience? 


Ever since I can remember being interested in girls I’ve had trouble trying to express how I feel and getting girlfriends. For years I’ve watched with envy as my friends got the hottest chicks in the room while I settled for whoever gave some attention to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some wonderful relationships, but I always wonder what I’m missing out because I don’t have the balls to walk to a gorgeous girl and hit on her.

I began watching PUA content online some years ago, reading a lot of theory from the Mystery Method, the Game and other books. Eventually I stumbled on Love Systems one day after I was lurking around YouTube, and I really liked the message of working your inner (confidence) and outer game (how to talk to girls) as a way to maximize your results.

Finally I decided that I had to try it to see if it was as good as they advertised, and after waiting for a couple of months they finally offered a bootcamp near my city. This is how it went down.


After registering and paying online, the date finally arrived and I drove to Las Vegas to meet my instructors. There I met Fader and 2 other assistants who explained me and the other recruits which was the schedule that we would follow. Basically, the whole course is 3 days of seminars with the first 2 involving night infield practices, while fader and the other instructors kept an eye on us and gave us pointers on how to pick girls.

Fader was as likeable as you could expect from a Pick Up Artist. He has a lot of experience in the game, which you can tell by how he likes to answer questions by telling a funny anecdotes that happened to him or one of his previous students. But even though he is a friendly guy, it’s hard to feel comfortable when you are being filmed by LV’s camera crew at all times. For a shy guy like me with some serious performance anxiety, that can be very though to overcome. So I wasn’t sure if it was going to affect my game when we took the field later on.

The seminar itself had some basic PUA theory that anybody who has read a book about it can recite from memory, but hearing Fader’s personal experiences was definitely a plus and helped me understand the concepts much better. After spending the afternoon with our butts saddled to the chair while we discussed topics like female psychology, inner and outer game, and body language, we felt ready to go out and get the ladies….or die trying.


The first night was an eye opener for me. After hours of discussing strategies in the seminar, and bonding out with the other guys, it’s easy to feel like a stud ready to take on the world. But it only took a couple of girls rejecting me to make my anxiety come back. Suddenly, I didn’t feel like trying anymore because in my mind I though that the outcome would be the same. Luckily Fader and the other guys are used to this type of reaction and they kept pointing out what I did wrong was what got me rejected, instead of just my looks or any other unfixable flaw that I thought I had.

The evening continued as Fader and the other instructors kept pushing us to continue opening with every line on the book. From direct openers, to observational, situational, opinion-related openers and more. Fader and the guys were more interested in getting us to overcome the fear of rejection than in us displaying a mastery in opening up conversations. But we still got to the quieter part of the club every now and then to discuss strategy and review what we did wrong.



The next day we talked about how the previous night had went. Fader talked a little about each of us and reviewed the level of game we’ve showed on the club. He told me that with a couple of girls I was opening up well, but then I ignored their friends which made the targets ditch me eventually. I also didn’t attempted to make any kind of physical contact, which basically means that I put myself on the friendzone.

Luckily for me the second day focuses on techniques to achieve physical intimacy, so I knew that I had plenty of stuff to learn to practice for later on. The guys discussed concepts like physical escalation, intimacy, attraction, setting up dates, and even text game. Still, as a guy who’s never been very physical when hitting on girls (I always feel like a creep doing it), I was worried that I was going to fail miserably putting the theory into practice.


We got back to the club that night and proceeded with the same opening frenzy that we carried out the previous night, only that this time Fader’s assistants stayed closer and actually helped me a couple of times when they took the grenades off me while I worked on a girl. Whenever I got some free time between hitting on girls they were always close by to give me advice, comment on my performance, or correcting me if I was coming off as too needy, friendly, or had low energy.

Their advice was always on point, which helped to give me more confidence everytime I was approaching. They kept telling me to be more physical without being too pushy. So after a couple of beers (and probably talking to half a dozen of women) I started feeling more comfortable touching them in the arm for a second just to break that invisible barrier between us.

This totally changed my game because from about 11 PM until we left, I felt I got more attention from the ladies than in the whole previous night. I even got to kiss a gorgeous brunette and got her number, although her 3 grenade friends interrupted us and eventually she left. Still, even though I didn’t make any other meaningful connection the rest of the night I felt REALLY STOKED about how it went down with that girl.


The next evening when Fader was reviewing our performance of the previous night, I was gladly surprised when I got complimented by my success with the brunette. Although I wasn’t the biggest ladies man of the class, I still made a big progress that second night. Previously I always felt out of place in a club, so the best I’d managed to get out of a girl there was a couple of minutes of small talk before she left me to look for her friends. So I feel like I definitely made an improvement there.

To close up the bootcamp Fader discussed some topics outside the seduction phase, like relationships, one night stands, and identity, and he answered some questions before we took our pictures and said goodbye.


Although $3000 is more than what most guys are ready to pay for a PUA bootcamp (Hell, It’s more expensive than what many would pay for a car!), I feel that Love Systems has one of the best camps out there. I’ve always believed that it’s better to invest in quality, rather than trying to save a few dollars and get poor service in return. And after meeting Fader and his ‘goons’ (as we jokingly called them) I have no regrets in that department.

Fader and his assistants were extremely helpful with us, and were always available when we were derailing or weren’t using proper game. Still, some of the reviews I’ve read online involving other instructors were less than positive, which is why I believe that any prospective recruit should read a lot about the instructor before he signs up for a camp.

As for me, I can definitely say that those 2 gruesome nights helped me get over most of the fear I had of approaching women, and even if I don’t have Fader and his assistants to kick my butt around when I mess up, what they taught me about inner and outer game has helped me go outside of my comfort zone and catch the type of women I like, rather than just settling down for whichever fish I caught in my net.

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