What to Text a Girl You Like - Guidelines and Examples
What to Text a Girl You Like – Guidelines and Examples

What to Text a Girl You Like – Guidelines and Examples


Congratulations, you’ve gotten a girl’s phone number. Now what do you do?

Step one was getting the number – step two is using it. Knowing what to text a girl you like isn’t always easy. It can result in embarrassment, humiliation, and worst of all, the silent treatment. With these guidelines and examples, you’ll be able to text any girl like a pro.


Guidelines for Texting a Girl you like

  1. Always exchange numbers. You don’t want to be the guy who gets forgotten because he didn’t give the girl his number in return. Once your initial interaction is off to a good start and the timing is right, trade numbers with her. Don’t offer to trade phone numbers right off the bat – this will make you look needy. Make sure the conversation is flowing before you ask for her digits.

  1. Write short and flirtatious messages. Give away small bites of information. Get her to want to know more about you. Besides, texting should be a dialogue not a monologue.

  1. Be unpredictable with your texts. Women love the guy who is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery. If you become too predictable and text her right back, chances are she’ll stop answering. See, the mystery is gone. But if you send her texts in different times then she will find herself waiting for them.

  1. Always appear to be having a good time. Your texts should be fun and exciting. She needs to think that what you are describing in your text is the most wonderful thing in the world. This will make her associate you with good times.

  1. Keep your messages short and playful. For example, if you want to text a girl you met the night before then don’t write “Hey, it’s Brian, it was good meeting you last night.  What are you up to?” A much better text and one she’d most likely respond to would be “Do you speak text?” (Credit Sinn) Or “Is it too soon for casual text? I mean, I just met you. Maybe we should wait!”

  1. Use texting just to get in her head. The more a girl thinks about you the more likely she will be to convince herself that she likes you. So what you need to do is send random text messages throughout the week. You’re objective is to get her to feel like she is missing out by not being with you.

  1. Every text should offer value. Never text her “how’s it going?” it’s not at all memorable and you put yourself in a situation where you now have to sit and wait for her to respond. Remember, you need to always be in control of the conversation. This text is much better “You just popped in my head and I just wanted to say hi” or “Stop thinking about me! :)” she will be smiling after reading this. For sure. She doesn’t feel that she has to answer and that will make her want to text you back.

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So now that you know more about what you should and shouldn’t do when you text a girl, let’s try and figure out what you need to text to get her to reply.  There are a lot of good texting examples in the cheat sheet. Also, a lot of openers can be good also for texting. In addition, I’ve assembled a few suggestions of things you can text a girl. Here goes:

Types of Texts

  1. An interesting fact. Hearing the same lines over and over is extremely boring for girls. If you can bring up something new or exciting, you’re halfway there. Be different, and send something she can relate to, provide an opinion on, or laugh about.

  1. Funny pictures. Your phone can do many wonderful things. One of those things is sending pictures, so make the most of it. Find a meme or image that makes you laugh, and share it with her. Hopefully, it will make her laugh too.

  1. Jokes. Sending a funny text is always an icebreaker since it is casual and lighthearted. Not sure what kind of joke to send to the girl you like? The ideal text message joke is only a couple of lines long and has a quick punchline. If you can make her laugh, chances are you’re going to be able to get her to do whatever you want. Here are some funny things to text a girl:

  • “What did Minnie do to make Mickey break up with her? She was fucking Goofy.” Everybody know who Mickey and Minnie mouse are, so it is incredibly likely that the girl you’re texting will laugh. Also, with jokes like this it is easy to move the conversation to a sexual topic.

  • “What time will Sean Connery be at the courts? Tennish.” This is a cleaner joke, and is a good fit for anybody who has ever heard Sean Connery pronounce the letter “s”. It is also a good lead for talking about movies like James Bond, and who the hottest bond characters have been.

  • “What is Snoop Dogg’s favorite part of spring rains? The drizzle.” If you happen to be talking to one of the few people on the planet who hasn’t heard Snoop talk, this won’t be funny. However, it does give you a golden opportunity – put your goal of making plans into action and invite her over to learn about Snoop through YouTube and gin and juice.

    Keep in mind that you should tailor your jokes to the sense of humor of the girl you’re talking to. A joke that makes one girl laugh might not work with another. As you’re texting, pay attention to her responses. One-word answers and repeated “lol” with no other comments are a strong indication that she isn’t interested, or is put off by the kinds of jokes you’re sending.

  1. Reference your conversation. In your text, bring up something funny one of you said, refer to a joke that one of you made or something funny that happened to you. Keep it light and friendly, and remember that you are trying to create an emotional connection.

  1. Ask questions. The basic element of a conversation is back-and-forth By sending questions you’re giving her something to respond to, which makes it much more likely that you will get an answer. Build on her responses, and before you know it you’ll be engaged in conversation. When you’re texting the girl you like, make sure to find out her likes and dislikes. It won’t be hard to do because she will love the fact that you’re trying to get to know her. This will give you the advantage once you go out with her because you will know exactly where to take her and how to act.

  1. Make plans. The goal of talking to the girl you like is to be able to meet up with her person for a date. So, use your texts to your advantage and suggest something the two of you can do together. You’ve already gotten her number, so make the most of it. Remember that practice makes perfect. Not every girl you talk to will be your perfect match, but it can’t hurt to practice your flirting skills. Put these guidelines to use and you’ll never be at a loss for things to text a girl.

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