Women Sexually Harassed by Seduction Students
Women Complain to be Sexually Harassed by Seduction Students

Women Complain to be Sexually Harassed by Seduction Students


Some students from one of the seduction schools in Israel are a bit overzealous.

Everyone knows that in order to get good at approaching women you need to practice. Well, that’s exactly what those students did. They got out of the seminar, which was taking place at the mall, and started looking for girls.

Great, right? Only apparently they’ve gone a little too far.

The Israeli news site YnetNews reported that 10 complaints were filed at the Rape Crisis Center accusing men of being handsy and touching girls without consent.

One girl wrote a post describing her experience: “…Every night these people from the center bother me. At first I didn’t understand what it was, how it was happening to me only there, until I realized. Now it’s gone too far. After I yelled at one of them… he said ‘but out of all the ones who hit on you, I was the best, right?’ And touched my hand. Apparently he was one of the coaches…”  Another girl shared that it had happened to her 3 times: “They appear out of nowhere and always when I come out of a clothing store… they wait for girls to come out. It’s awkward and embarrassing. Every time they come up with a different excuse to start up a conversation.”

In a complaint to a crisis center a girl said that a guy had held her hand and refused let go until her teacher came to her rescue.

Another complaint was as followed: “They don’t even stop when they see that I’m pregnant. I’m just another girl to practice on. It turned from being amusing to upsetting. One guy put his hand on me, like we were two best pals. I’m not sure why I didn’t call security. I just told him to go.”

And I say, guys be careful. There’s a fine line between talking to a girl and harassing her. It could get you arrested.


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