How to Pick up Girls on Facebook – The Facebook Pickup Method (PDF)

How to Pick up Girls on Facebook – The Facebook Pickup Method (PDF)

The Facebook Pickup Method

Written by Derek Lamont
Online pickup secrets website

26 pages

To answer the big question of how to pick up girls on facebook, I’ve uploaded this book called “The Facebook Pickup Method.” Here’s Its main premise:

“Did you ever hear about Mystery’s, a.k.a. Erik von Markovik’s 80/20 rule?

Men weight a woman’s survival and replication quality mostly on physical appearance approximately 80% of it. 20% of it would be allocated on ‘personality’ traits such as intelligence, humor, confidence, etc.

With women, it’s the complete opposite!

So in a social networking perspective, since the hot women have ALL the hot pictures, it’s easy to see that your pick up method has to be even MORE precise than in real life. You DON’T have the luxury of conveying body language, humor, Kino-escalation etc. That just isn’t possible. Therefore, your game has to be tighter than ever!”

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