A List of the Best PUA Blogs - from Roosh to Krauser
A List of the Best PUA Blogs – from Roosh to Krauser

A List of the Best PUA Blogs – from Roosh to Krauser


Pua Blogs: Addictive, Inspiring, Life Changing

Blogs can be addictive. Once you find a blogger that went through the things you go through, a blogger that asked the questions you ask, a blogger that started his journey a while back and can supply you with answers and guidance. Once you find that blogger, you are instantly hooked. This blogger becomes your mentor and he inspires you. He makes you believe that you can change, grow, dare and act. PUA blogs are just that. They are addictive, inspiring and life changing. Seriously. Some of them changed my life.

I’ve assembled a list of the best pua blogs out there. They are all popular, extremely active and are filled with amazing content. Let me walk you through the 10 best Pua blogs offered online. Advice for free is just a click away.
Addiction is guaranteed.


Being only 36 years old from the U.S.A and surprisingly coming from a microbiology background, he is one of the most famous Pua bloggers around the world. He started with a personal Bachelor blog, then wrote his first book called: Bang! Which was not the only one. He was also followed by TV channels in Romania and is currently a nomadic player in between Ukraine, Poland and the United States. Some of his beliefs range from: Men and women being genetically different and therefore it is normal for sex roles to evolve by as humans being included in the mammal category. Men will naturally drop out of monogamy and reproduction. The good side of his website is the variety of topics he offers, such as: 7 Ways My Body Has Changed After Hitting 30, and of course the Pickup tips cannot be left out of the menu :The 3 Immutable Laws Of Getting The Highest Quality Women. Here you can find easy tips to things like: 7 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Game Right Now!


Offering enjoyable Podcasts, interactive forums and articles on how to get what you want, which are explained in detail. New topics are available every month with attractive layouts and you can subscribe to a mailing list to get all the new stuff directly to your mailbox. The runner of the web is a hot Greek named Chris, who claims to not have a job, be a good looking loser who can pay the bills and has slept with more women than he can count. A lot of ads on the website but something out of the common that you can find here is the Anxiety category which offers tips on how to deal with serious problems such as depression and giving the best ways out of things like anxiety without using drugs.


This extremely popular blog is a great resource for men wanting to improve their dating skills and relationships. Blackdragon was an introverted guy but now is able to live the life he wanted: date women without being tied down. He updates his blog every few days and his posts are always really great. Among his topics: dating techniques, relationship skills, texting and inner game. He also offers podcasts, coaching and ebooks.



A self made pick up artist. started by reading everything Pua and then went out for two years straight in order to become the best pick up artist, but on his own terms.  in his blogs he shares his thought and experiences on the female phsychology, flirting, inner game, seduction, texting and much more. He updates his blogs around twice a month but since the blog was created on 2011, you have plentry of material to read.


Are you ready for some hot pick up stories? Well this is right website for you. The British author Krauser, is a risk taker who can narrate pretty hot pick up stories being in exotic countries such as Colombian and hooking up for a 25 minutes fast sexual adventure an hour before picking up a flight to London to how he got a pick up at TGI Fridays. The way he tells stories is very descriptive which is good for imagination but the best thing is that he also includes tips on how to approach girls and get your game on as quickly and easily as possible. He has books as well as an app available for regular visitors.


There is actually a way of improving your dating life in just 4 days. Feeling interested? Chris Shepherd, is from Canada. He started his blog inspired by the share of secrets on developing self-confidence. He takes into account the life of professional men who have busy lives but still deserve the best, to love and enjoy. Being a 10 year senior dating coach at Love Systems, he has helped men all over the world with easy-to- understand and assertive instructions for modern day dating. His blog offers amazing advice for modern, working men who need fast results.


Pretty controversial but articles can keep you as an ongoing visitor. What differs this blog from others is the helpful topics on rejection and self-confidence. He also gives as a bonus for signing up 3 free ebooks on: how to get laid on your dates, Approach Anxiety Guide and a Create Sexual Tension Guide. Steve Jabba , from London, reveals how his inspiration for opening this blog began when he was 18, being ugly and not getting much he decided to improve his physical appearance and get his game on. So he opened this blog after experiencing the desire and ability to get women, he felt it is a pleasure to be shared.


Mainly focused on young adults. Sonny focuses on 3 Core values these are: versatility, a positive mindset and the long term goal of helping others accomplish their goals. An American author a coach who takes a step further and gives plenty of advice on bodybuilding and strength, business, career, mindset, social skills and dating a full package of what is required to have self-confidence.


Making the first step is always hard. This web is perfect for helping men get to know how to make the first step but also how to build up the situation so approach will be a success. Consulting is offered in NYC. Justin, a New Yorker is a professional dating and lifestyle consultant for men, who has a background in social dynamics, sexual attraction and personal growth. Him, his website and consulting are all about improving the strategies of men when trying to give a genuine attraction and help them get rid of bad beliefs which only get in the way and are useless.


A lot of information to look at, it may feel overwhelming when you first go on this blog but it does have a useful variety of articles on dating advise. Chateau Heartiste proprietors, is a team which operates this blog. Is a very romantic style blog which brings deep meaningful advice on dating but at the same time gives the real taste of things such as not being afraid of losing her.


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    So many PUA blogs out there these days. A guy has all the info he needs to get the job done, at the end of the day it just comes down to having the confidence to make it happen.

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