The Art of Approaching PDF by Thundercat
The Art of Approaching by Thundercat (PDF)

The Art of Approaching by Thundercat (PDF)


The Art of Approaching

Written by Thundercat

180 pages

Thundercat says “I used to be completely hopeless with women. I was too afraid of rejection to ever talked to a woman I found attractive. But through much trial and error, I discovered a way to overcome my fear and meet the kind of women I enjoy.

I wrote this book to share my methods and hard work so that other guys don’t have to go through what I did to get good with women. I wanted it to be the ultimate starter-guide for men looking to improve their love life, and judging by the amazing emails I’m getting from readers who can now meet and attract any woman they choose, I think I succeeded.”

The book has 6 chapters:

The Art Of Body Language
The Art Of Confidence
The Art Of Approaching
The Art Of Flirting
The Art Of Storytelling
The Art Of Being Social

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