PUA Training - Books and Online Courses for Beginners and Advanced
PUA Training – The Best Books and Online Courses for Beginners and Advanced

PUA Training – The Best Books and Online Courses for Beginners and Advanced


A List of the Best PUA Training: Books and Courses on Approaching, Inner Game, Texting, Conversation and Emotional and Sexual Connection.


Wouldn’t it be nice to be that guy who can get any girl to sleep with him? Of course it would. I for one would love to have girls jumping on me the second I enter a club. Whether it’s approaching, confidence, texting, sexual skills or conversation skills, we all know those guys who tell you that if you buy their product than you’ll be transformed immediately into a girl magnet.

I can tell you right now that 90% of these guys are total frauds. I know that because I’ve bought a lot of these programs. I bought them, thinking that maybe the next one would be the one that would help me with girls.

Among the many products I bought I founds some good ones. Programs that were legitimate and full of value and really did help me to improve.

These products were from guys like you and me who were once in my shoes but then learned how to get girls to want them. Their products had a lot of quality information on how to attract girls.

I chatted with guys, who bought the products I had bought, in several online forums, and they verified that they too learned a lot, started approaching and getting girls’ numbers and some got dates and sex.

But don’t take my word for it, you can visit the sites I found below. See what you think.

Whatever you do, remember my three step plan:

First you learn from these programs, then you practice (alone, with a wingman, a coach or a bootcamp ) and finally you act and approach the one (or ones;)) you really want to date.

Learn. Practice. Act.

To your success.

Here are the links to the programs I do recommend:


PUA Training for Begginers

Approaching women

Make Women Want You

By Jason Capital

A 115 pages eBook that shows you exactly how to act and what to say to girls from the moment you step into any public place until you are with that girl in your bedroom.
You can read a full review of MWWY here 


Inner Game and Confidence

The Collection of Confidence
By Hypnotica

A confidence building course that helps you to increase your confidence.


Texting skills

Magnetic Messaging
By Bobby Rio and Rob Judge

A 191 pages eBook that covers everything you need to know about texting girls.
You can read a full review of here 


The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game
By love systems

A comprehensive guide that will teach you everything from how to take the number, when to text, what to text, when to call and to how to make the date happen.


Conversation skills

Make Small Talk Sexy- Conversation Escalation
By Bobby Rio

A video course designed to give you the tools to create fun and engaging conversations so that you never again have to worry about not knowing what to talk about.
You can read a full review here


Sexual skills

2 Girls Teach Sex

A hugely popular step by step video guide that teaches you how to become a great lover. The program collaborates with two women who demonstrate the techniques and give you a lot of practical advice.


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PUA Training for the Advanced

Relationship skills

Girlfriend Activation System
By The Social Man

GFAS provides you with 10 hours of detailed videos to help find and keep a long term relationship.
You can read a full review of GFAS here


Emotional connection

The Desire System
By The Social Man and David Tian (Collaboration)

A course that helps you connect with women on an emotional level. As you know a woman is all about emotions so if you know how to work with her emotions than you are 10 steps ahead of the game.


Inner Game and Confidence

Blueprint Decoded
By real social dynamics

A massive 20 hours video course that will completely transform your inner game (Your fears, self-doubts, insecurities) and help you access your full potential
You can read a full review of here


Sexual connection

Language of Lust
By Digital Romance Inc. (Michael Fiore)

A course that helps you connect with women on a sexual level by communicating to her that you understand her sexual desires thus helping you be intimate and closer to sleeping with her.


77 Ways

By Jason Capital


A 155 pages explicit eBook that shows you 77 ways to seduce a woman.


Sexual skills

 Female Orgasm Blueprint
By Orgasm Arts

A video course that shows you exactly how to give a woman an orgasm and be a much better lover overall.


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