PUA Openers - Types, Examples and Resources
PUA Openers – Types, Examples and Resources

PUA Openers – Types, Examples and Resources


Everything you need to know about PUA openers

If you ever approached a woman on a bar or a club, then you’re probably familiar with the feeling of anxiety that comes with meeting a random girl that you know nothing about. PUA openers are a great way to generate interest in a woman because they are designed to break that invisible barrier that separates two strangers, and spark her curiosity in you.

This list has 7 of the best types of openers and many examples to get you started.

So the next time that you’re out with the guys, remember to drop your old cheesy lines and use these PUA openers to start your conversation, so that you’ll be talking with the hottest girls in the club in no time.

Let’s get started.

1. Direct openers

As the name suggests these openers go straight to the point. You are into her and you’re not going to hide it. Rather than beating around the bushes, direct openers give you an excellent way to hit on her without looking like you’re needy. That means no hollering or hitting on her like a thirsty construction worker. Instead, you want to let her know immediately that you are attracted to her but follow it with a compliment, or something funny. This is the perfect opening for places with a highly-sexualized environment like a nightclub, or if she’s already attracted to you (like if she was checking you out).

You could approach the girl and say something bold like, “Hi, I just saw you on the dance floor, and I think that you’re pretty cute.” Don’t think about whether she’ll fall for it, or if you’ll crash and burn. The truth is that you wont know until you’ve tried it!

2. Indirect openers

Now if you’re just starting in the PUA way, and you don’t feel bold enough to go full kamikaze with a direct opener, you could use an indirect approach to start the conversation without triggering her natural “OMG this guy is hitting on me!” Matrix bullet-dodging reflexes. Remember that unlike us men, not all women hit the club with sex on their minds. Which is why sometimes it’s better to take a little bit of extra time before you make your move. Which is why indirect openers are a great way to prepare the ground before you show her your cards.

Indirect openers are best used when you’re going for a specific girl, as opposed to hitting on as many women as possible. That’s because it gives you the time to work your magic with her, without giving her the opportunity to blow you off with the typical “I have a boyfriend” line. Try making her a silly question like, “do these jeans make me look fat?” or ask for her opinion on a delicate subject like, “is khaki a color or a style?”

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3. Situational openers

One of the easiest ways to start a conversation is to talk about something in the environment around you. This is easy enough for a PUA of any level to practice because it doesn’t take any imagination, and basically you would be talking about the only thing that you have in common (which is your environment).

No, I am not saying that you should talk about the weather (this isn’t Pride and Prejudice!) But believe me, when done right situational openers are a sure way to start a conversation. Just try to make your comment clever and witty. Like for example, if you told a girl, “see that guy? That’s my dance instructor” as you pointed to a guy doing some weird robot dance moves in the middle of the dance floor.

4. Opinion openers

Opinion openers are an indirect approach to meet new women. They are very simple to make, because all you have to do is ask for an opinion on a subject and take the conversation from there. You can also know from the start how she feels about you by how she reacts to this sudden icebreaker, which is why you can use it in any social environment where you want to meet several women, but don’t want to come off as the guy who is hitting on all the girls in the room.

You could use this type of opener on your typical club girls, which tend to have the world’s shortest attention spans. These type of girls will usually forget your name, or even the fact that you’re sitting next to them, in a matter of seconds, but if you make them think for a little while you might be able to catch their attention and take it from there.

For example you could use the classic, “do you think it’s OK to finish a relationship by text messaging?” to start the conversation. As always, make sure to put some humor on your opener to increase its effect.

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5. Observational openers

This is pretty similar to the situational opener, with the difference that the observational is based on a situation that includes her while the situational doesn’t. The difference between them isn’t really important. What really matters is that you use something interesting that you see to strike a conversation that feels spontaneous.

For example, say that you’re in a park when suddenly you see a stunning blonde checking her phone on the bench to your right. You could be boring and ask her what time it is, or you could try starting a conversation about something that interests both of you like, “Hey, I see that you have an iPhone 7. I was thinking about buying one for myself, but my friend told me that they crash when you least expect it. Has it happened to you?”

6. Humor openers

Any opener that contains humor is sure to score highly with the ladies. Women LOVE a guy with a sense of humor, so don’t hold yourself back. Anything that will make her laugh is a great opener. In this situation it is better to be genuine and come up with your own jokes (regardless of how goofy they may be), rather than pretending to be someone you’re not.

For example, one time I saw a girl sitting on a curb with a phone in each hand. So I said to her, “are you a crack dealer?” and when she asked me why did I said that, I told her that drug dealers usually carried several prepaid phones around. See? You can make a joke about anything, and if she likes it then you already have a good start.

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7. Innocuous openers

These are the simplest type of openers which are the most commonly used by non-PUA guys when hitting on a new girl. It is an indirect opening that it’s so indirect that it feels like you’re not even trying. They aren’t used by experienced PUA because they are very slow to get you to the attraction point, but if you’re just starting in the pickup world they are a great way of getting used to talking to random girls.

You can talk about literally anything you can think off: Her clothes, the weather, the time of day. Don’t worry about how you are going to be perceived, just start a conversation and keep it flowing. Even the boldest PUAs started making innocent small talk when they were just honing their skills.

So those are the 7 best PUA openers to break the ice and get the conversation flowing. Did you find one that you think you could use? Don’t worry about names or labels, what matters is that you get used to using openers to start conversations with random girls wherever you go. With time and practice you will learn to integrate these openings into your own style. So get out there, start talking with the ladies, and remember to have fun!

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