Looking for a PUA Bootcamp? Here's a List of the Best Ones
Looking for a PUA Bootcamp? Here’s a List of the Best Ones

Looking for a PUA Bootcamp? Here’s a List of the Best Ones


PUA Bootcamp  – A Great Way to Learn from the Best

So, you’re you thinking of taking a PUA bootcamp? You’ve come to the right place.

Let me help you decide.

Some things to consider before signing up for a PUA bootcamp

  1. A PUA Bootcamp is recommended for guys who have read some PUA material but didn’t practice approach, or did some approaches but without a lot of success. It’s recommended to have some knowledge because it will help you understand things better (the terms, the sets) but not too much knowledge because then you might get frustrated when you realize that you already know some of the material that is taught. The time frame should be around a year in the PUA community.

  1. A PUA Bootcamp is recommended for guys with approach anxiety. All companies work with you heavily on this.

  1. The bootcamp, as you probably know, is part seminar and part infield. Most guys benefit the most from the infield part. This is where you get your money’s worth: You get to see the instructors in action and learn from them how to do it the right way. Believe me, that is one hell of an experience.

  1. You have to remember that the bootcamp is not a magic pill. You will get the training and the knowledge but it will not transform you, overnight, into a player. It’s a process. You have to keep doing what you were taught. You have to go out and practice and then you’ll get to reap the benefits.

  2. Bootcamps are pricy. If you feel it’s too expensive for you, you can try phone call coaching or one on one coaching. It’s usually cheaper.

  3. Now, this is last one is very important: Those who love the bootcamp, love it because of the instructor. If you fall on a guy who doesn’t care, you get a terrible experience. So make sure to research the instructor. Read reviews. Watch his infield videos.


To help you get started I’ve prepared a list of bootcamps. After reading dozens of reviews I’ve ranked them according to their popularity, quality, frequency, price, student-instructor ratio and the follow up they offer.

I only read reviews that were written in the past 4 years. I did not read reviews from the official sites, obviously. Only from independent sites like:  datingskillsreview.com, quora.com, reddit.com and many other forums and blogs.

 So, go ahead, look through the list, research even more, pick a company, pick an instructor and go for it!


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  1. ReplyTamnam

    The prices are crazy. Someone would really rake in the money if they charged 200-300 for a weekend to 5 days.

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