Make Women Want You Review by Jason Capital
Make Women Want You Review  by Jason Capital

Make Women Want You Review by Jason Capital


Are you just starting to learn how to attract girls?

Are you looking for someone to show you exactly how to act and what to say to girls from the moment you step into any public place until you are with that girl in your bedroom?

Are you looking for someone to give you a lot of word for word examples?

And lastly, are you looking for someone to make it all simple and easy to follow?

Well, Make Women Want You book is the perfect product for you.


Let me tell you exactly what you are going to learn:

  • What to do before trying to attract girls.

  • How to be in the right mindset to approach.

  • How to start a conversation and make sure she stays interested.

  • How to get her attraction levels up.

  • How to tell fun and playful stories that are a natural part of the conversation.

  • 8 high volume triggers to get her to be even more into you.

  • How to get her to try to impress

  • The 4 step escalation process that makes sure she is yours.

  • How to text your way to a second meetup.

  • How to deal with her trust issues.

  • What to do on the date: Where to go, what to say, how to act.

  • How to get her to your place and to agree to sleep with you.

And all that with lots and lots of examples!


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Can you imagine the advantage you’d get over other guys once you are armed with these powerful resources?

Can you imagine yourself looking at some poor guy trying to score but failing miserably and knowing exactly what he’s doing wrong?

You can be that guy.

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There are also 8 bonuses that you get, which enhance the material that is taught in the eBook:

Bonus 1 – Done For You Attraction

9 pages of examples of what to say to girls in order to create attraction

 Bonus 2 – Stuck On You

11 tips on how to never get cheated on

Bonus 3 – How To Always Know What to Say

Ideas and examples to help you to always find something to say or do once you’re with a girl

Bonus 4 – Body Language Tips That Get the Girl (self-explanatory)

 Bonus 5 – The Female Orgasm Bible

A conversation with Jason Julius from mostly about the female orgasm.

 Bonus 6 – Subliminal Switch System

A video by Jason about the 8 triggers that once you do them, will attract her to you.

 Bonus 7 – The Charm Bible

Flirting secrets your high-school self wishes he knew

 Bonus 8 – The Comprehensive Kissing Training Course


You can purchase it all for just one payment of $47.

I suggest you do what I did once I got the book: Go through all of the material and find the methods and examples that work for you. Write down a specific plan that fits you and then go out and practice.

You’ve got nothing to lose. This product is one of the top rated in its niche. Plus, it has a 60 days, 100% money back guarantee policy.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to get started

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