How to Make her Feel Special
How to Make her Feel Special

How to Make her Feel Special


Here’s a fact: Women are insecure. About their looks, their intelligence, their abilities, you name it. If you want to make her feel special, beautiful and sexy then you need to remember that. So what else do you need to do? Here are a few things:

Compliment her

A woman can look like a million dollars but still feel unattractive. When you see her, compliment her clothes. She spent time putting on her best look and if she sees that you appreciate her efforts, her confidence will rise and she’ll feel sexy. You can also give her a quick glance, from head to toe, to show your appreciation. But be honest, don’t compliment just because you feel you have to say something. Women spot fake compliments. It makes them feel not special and they shut down.


Look at her

If you look at her the right way, it can make her feel very special. Look her straight in the eyes, with quick glances to her lips. Also important, when you look at her, is the proximity. You have to make sure that you’re not sitting too far (she’ll think you’re not interested), or too close (she’ll think you think she’s easy). Also very important: look only at her. Don’t stare at other women.


Pay Attention

When you pay attention, the woman thinks that you’re in to her and that makes her feel special:

  • When she talks, really listen. Ask her questions to show you’re listening.

  • If she needs a napkin, get her one.

  • If she looks baffled, find out what’s wrong.

  • If she looks cold, offer her your jacket.

  • If she looks too drunk, get her a glass of water.

Touch her

Start with very short, quick touches on her hand, shoulder or thigh. That gives her the message that you’re attracted to her and therefore makes her feel wanted, attractive and sexy. When you see that she doesn’t pull away from the touch, you can be bolder and run your hand up and down her arm, shoulder or thigh. Even then you have to make sure that it’s a gentle and short. Also, don’t do it too often.

Be a Gentleman

Women love to be with a gentleman.

  • Open the car door for her.

  • Take her coat off at the entrance.

  • Pull out her chair for her.

  • Order wine.

  • Pay for dinner.


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