How to hit on a female bartender in 10 steps
How to hit on a female bartender in 10 steps

How to hit on a female bartender in 10 steps


Don’t come alone.
She’s there to work so don’t bother her too much, especially if she’s with a client. Hang out with your friends.

 Be a man.
Don’t wear pink; don’t look like you’d spent the last 3 hours getting ready.

Order a lot of drinks.
It’ll give you a lot of chances to talk to her. If you sit all night seeping your beer, the conversation is going to be very poor.

Relax. Smile.  Have fun.
Make her wish she was hanging out with you instead of working.

Flirt with your eyes.
But not in a creepy way. Look at her, pause for 2 seconds, then look away.

Be fun
Tell her ‘I can’t date you.’
She’ll reply ‘Why not?’
Then you say ‘Because I can’t go out with someone who knows more about liquor than I do.’

Don’t show off in front of your friends.
Don’t ask for her number in front of your friends. She won’t give it to you.

Don’t leave a big tip.
It’s doesn’t seem genuine. You do it to get points and she knows that.

Don’t come the next day.
It’s too obvious.

Be memorable.
Men hit on them all the time. You have to stand out. One way is to order quality drinks, like a specific brand of whisky or a gin Hendrix.

Got any more tips? I’d love it if you could share them!

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