How To Hit On A Damsel In Distress
How to Hit on a Damsel in Distress

How to Hit on a Damsel in Distress


We are gentlemen. We love helping beautiful girls.

Are our goals pure? Of course not. We picture them being so grateful that they agree to a date or even to having sex with us right then and there.

We are also pitiful.
Then there’s the hero complex. And, also, who doesn’t want to feel needed?

So, you help her. She is grateful. Great, huh? You are this close to getting her phone number. Or are you?

Let’s go to some examples:
She wants you to tutor her, give her your notes, help her write a paper? Do it. Don’t hit on her. Just do it.

She asks you to help her change a flat tire? Do it.
Don’t hit on her. Just do it.

She wants you to help her carry her amazingly heavy suitcase? Do it!
Don’t hit on her! Just do it!

She already feels the pressure to be overly nice and charming in order to get you to help her. Don’t make her feel like she owes you something other than a thank you and a smile.

After you’ve helped her don’t ask her if she needs more help. Trying too hard is a big turn off.

It’s simple:
You help. She says “thank you” and smiles. You say “no problem” and smile back.
Then you add “I’d love to meet again, if you want. Here’s my number”
You give it to her, smile again and leave.

That’s it.
You took the pressure off of her because you gave her time. Women need time.
You didn’t reveal too much about yourself so you now seem mysterious. Women love mysterious men.
You didn’t lose your cool.

And, let’s not forget, you were a gentleman.

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