How to Get Girls to Like You - Dating Principle
How to Get Girls to Like You

How to Get Girls to Like You


Do you want to know how to get girls to like you? Just follow these 8 steps

Be a musician

You already know the power that a guitar player has on girls when he’s performing on stage. Think Eddie Van Halen. Think Richie Sambora.
Even the sentence “I’m in a band, you might have heard of us” Is powerful.

But now it’s scientific. A French study had an attractive 20 year old approach 300 women and ask for their numbers. He came up to a 100 of them carrying a guitar. He talked to a 100 carrying a sports bag and he approached the last 100 without carrying anything. It turned out that when he was with a guitar, 31% of the girls gave him their number, whereas only 14% gave him their number when he was without a bag. And, apparently, only 9% gave him his number when he approached them with a sports bag.

So another conclusion is that women don’t like athletes?


Take a genuine interest in her

When she talks, really listen to her. Ask her questions to show that you’re listening like: “she really said that?” “So what did you do?”
If it’s you who’s doing the talking, always ask her ‘what do you think?’ to let her know that her opinion matters to you.

Don’t look around. Focus on her. I once saw this Italian guy on a date at a coffee shop. The waitress was flirting with him. He didn’t even bat an eye. He just told her what he wanted to order and turned his attention back to his date. I looked at his date, she was pleased.


Be funny

Sense of humor in general is a big turn on. Women associate it with intelligence. And besides, who doesn’t like to laugh? Even if you don’t think you’re funny, you can memorize a few jokes or a funny story. Practice a few times in front of the mirror. Believe me, it works. (…If you work it. Just kidding).


Compliment her

Women LOVE compliments. To quote Chris rock: “There are only three things that women need in life: food, water and compliments”. Women love compliments. It boosts their self-esteem. They feel more attractive, confident and sexy. Try to find something real to compliment her on: her dress, her eyes but be sure to also compliment her if she says something clever or funny. That way you show her that you appreciate her not only for her looks. You already know that nice looking women need to know that you think they’re also smart and vice versa.


Rescue her

You spot a woman in need of help – she needs directions, she lost her earing, she needs help carrying her luggage – advantage you. She is already grateful for your help so it’d be easier to get her to give you a chance.


Impress her by just being yourself

Assuming that “yourself” is a well-rounded guy, who is knowledgeable in current affairs and TV shows trivia. Someone who has something to say about the world. Someone with hobbies and interests (btw, porn is not an interest). If your world consists of video games and masturbation then I suggest you work on yourself first and only then try to meet girls.


Make conversation fun

Don’t ask the same tired old questions (what’s your name, where are you from, what do you do). It’s a sure way to get the opposite result. Make it interesting. Try these openers. 


Find commonalities

Imagine this: you’re in a restaurant and you spot a really cute girl. You walk up to her and say “wow, you like pasta? I like pasta!”
If both of you are Med students, you just found a 100 topics that you’re both interested in. How about a mutual love for Games of Throne? Or maybe you’re both vegetarians?

It’s that much easier to connect, right?


A few more:

  1. This one could really impress her – try reading her palm. Women love that so they’ll agree, for sure. And even if it doesn’t go too well, you’ll laugh about it and that would get you closer. Plus, you’re already touching.

  2. Play a game that helps connecting people

  3. Attire: obvious but still worth mentioning. Girls often even know what brand of clothes you wear. It’s important.

  4. Smell: always make sure you wear cologne. Girls remember the smell and you can get major points if she likes the fragrance. And we didn’t even touch on pheromones.





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