How to Ask a Girl Out Make Her Want You
How to Ask a Girl Out and Make Her Want You at the End of the Date

How to Ask a Girl Out and Make Her Want You at the End of the Date


Let’s start from the end. You will get rejected. Accept that.
It won’t be so bad, though, because girls don’t won’t to offend so they’ll probably say “I have a boyfriend”. Not too bad, really.

So you take a breath and approach her. You have to know what you’re going to say. You can use one of these openers.

Another way to chat up a girl is to talk about what she’s doing at that moment: She’s looking at her phone? Say something like “nice looking phone. Mine is bigger.” She’s studying? Tell her “hey, you could probably use a break. Coffee?” If she’s reaching for the chocolate in the supermarket, you say something about chocolate. You get the point. What should you say? You could ask a question about the chocolate, give your opinion on it or to criticize it.

The next step is to get her to agree to see you again. The issue here is whether you use the word ‘date’ or not.

Con: it creates expectations and causes her to stress.

Pro: if you don’t then she won’t be sure if you want to date or to be friends.

I say: don’t use it. Believe me that when you approach a girl, the first thing she thinks is ‘this guy’s hitting on me.’ Never does she think ‘a complete stranger is talking to me because he wants to be my friend’

The most important thing is to make a romantic move, any move, by the end of the date. Because if it takes you too long, she’ll automatically move you into the friend zone and that, my friend, is a cold place to be in.

So instead of asking her out on a date, tell her you’re going somewhere (think of that ‘somewhere’ in advance! And make sure it’s a public place) and ask her to come along. That way you give her time to decide whether she likes you or not and you can take that time to try and impress her.

The next step is the phone call. To avoid that you could make plans right then and there. If not, you’re going to have to talk on the phone or rather, to text.

When you’re on the date, follow these steps (which you should prepare beforehand):

  1. Surprise her at least 3 time during the date

  2. Make her laugh (jokes or funny stories).

  3. Listen and don’t listen to her. Say “what” when she asks something or look away and stare at something.

  4. Be assertive. Make decisions. Not just the venue, but where to sit (on the bar and not the table). In the middle of the date decide that you want to go someplace else.

  5. Find ways to touch her. Read her palm. Thumb wrestling. Sit close to her etc.

  6. Be mysterious. Answer a question with a question. If you mention your ex, don’t tell your date her name etc.

  7. Make fun at her for lusting after you, even if she just looks at you.

  8. Let her do stuff for you, like go get your drink.

  9. Cut the date short.

So what are you waiting for? Go. You can do it. Make a move.

And don’t forget to tell me how it went. I’m waiting.


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