Girlfriend Activation System Review- Get a Steady Girlfriend
Girlfriend Activation System Review by Christian Hudson

Girlfriend Activation System Review by Christian Hudson


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Girlfriend Activation System Review- How to Get a Steady Girlfriend

I’ll make it very easy for you.

You want a steady girlfriend? Then the Girlfriend Activation System is the program for you.

It’s insanely popular because it’s that good.

It has already helped so many people and Christian, the creator, gets “you’ve changed my life” messages almost daily.

This guy succeeded in making every guy’s dream come true. He was this self-proclaimed loser with girls until one day he just understood what women look for in a man.

And do you know how he found that out? By reading romance novels! How genius is that?

Look at the covers of these books. Do you recognize the guy?

It’s Fabio.

A little intimidating, right?

Actually, wrong. And you know why? Because according to Christian (and he’s experienced that himself) girls love the hero in these books because of his traits and actions: he’s dominant, mysterious, challenging, and genuine. Christian, by his own admission, was none of those.

So if Christian could pull all of that off, so can you. You can be that perfect boyfriend that girls dream of, but you’re going to have to make some adjustments.

Christian’s program, The Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS), is here to help you do just that. It helps you to grow to the man women find attractive.

GFAS provides you with a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through every stage of the relationship, from meeting, dating, and escalating all the way to a happy long-term relationship.


Girlfriend Activation system review – Program Rundown

The program is a pre-recording of a full 2-day Social Man bootcamp, shot in New York back in 2014 and includes over 10 hours of video lessons:

Day 1 helps you improve your inner game so you can become “boyfriend material”.

Day 2 shows you Christian’s famous step-by-step process for meeting a girl to dating to forming a solid long-term relationship.

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Here’s the rundown of the video lessons:

 Day 1

Part 1: Introduction with Christian Hudson
Introductions, background and also the overview of the whole program.

Part 2: Masculine Power
Christian introduces us to the woman’s obsession story. A story you need to follow in order to fulfil her desires so that she’ll want you around. What he’s saying is that women will respond and be attracted to guys who demonstrate a particular set of character traits.

Part 3: Masculine Power Continued
In this 45 minute video Cristian talks and demonstrates the 6 traits of masculine power (dominance, competence, challenging, mysterious, genuine and sexual).

Part 4: Questions & Answers with Alex

Alex, the female volunteer, reveals how Christian made her feel during the demonstrations, and why it was working on her.

Part 5: Nick Sparks on Sexuality
Guest speaker, Nick Sparks, talks about seductiveness and sexuality, the trait that separates those who end up in the friend zone, with those who get the girl. Nick demonstrates with Alex (the female volunteer) many of the simple techniques that guys can use to express their interest and attraction with a girl.


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Part 6: Jason Capital on Being a Challenge
Guest speaker, Jason Capital, explains why being a challenge to a woman is so powerful and demonstrates the three concepts involved in achieving it. 

Part 7: Alex Allman on Being Genuine
Guest speaker, Alex Allman, shares the secrets to letting down your guard without giving away your power.

Part 8: David on Dominance
Guest speaker, David Wygant, explains the importance of dominance and demonstrates how to achieve it in order to approach women with authority and assertively.

Part 9: Boyfriend Material
Christian reveals the seven things that every woman wants and how to be a good boyfriend so that she sticks around.

Part 10: Questions & Answers
Q&A from the audience.

Part 11: The Obsession Story
Christian brings everything together by revealing the 3 steps of dating:

The obsession story, the investment, and the check points.

Click here to watch Christian’s video

Day 2

 Part 12: Introduction to Day 2
Basic cover of day 1 and outline of day 2. 

Part 13: Impression
The first part of the “obsession story” where Christian reveals the techniques to making a strong, memorable, and lasting impression in a girl’s mind.

Part 14: King Game
Christian’s unique take on King Game, which is getting women to approach you.

Part 15: Nick Sparks on Impression
Second guest appearance by Nick sparks on making a good first impression. He shares his tips on how to approach women and start conversations.

Part 16: What to Say
It’s the question that’s been asked a thousand times to a thousand dating coaches: “what do I say to start a conversation”? Christian shares his answers here.

Part 17: Resetting Impression
Stuck in the friend zone?

Christian discusses how to introduce sexuality into the dynamic of the relationship.

Part 18: Inspection
Passing a women’s test: Christian explains how to deal with the part where the girl is feeling you out, or inspecting you.

 Part 19: The First Date
Christian walks you through the entire experience from setting up the first date, to the conversation, creating sexual tension, up to the planning of the follow up date. 

Part 20: The Social Date
It’s a date that most men can’t pull off early in the relationship – inviting her out with friends. But after you learn Christian’s tips, you’ll be able to use this date to get her even more invested in you.

Part 21: The Hookup Date
Here’s the step-by-step date that turns up the heat and has her waking up next to you in the morning.

Part 22: Intimacy
Christian explains what is needed to be done in order to become “officially” boyfriend and girlfriend. 

Part 23: Conclusion
Christian shares his candid thoughts about how to put the training to work.



 Amazing stuff, right??

 So how much does GFAS cost?

One payment of $67 with a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee.

But that’s not even all you get! You also get at least 5 more bonuses. (I say at least because Christian promises more):

  • Complete Confidence Hypnosis – this is a 4 step subliminal training course. It will upgrade your subconscious mind with the inner voice of a man who’s been successful with women for his entire life.

  • Endless Conversations– In this seminar, Christian teaches a simple conversation formula, to ensure that you’ll never run out to things to say, or have those uncomfortable silences or stall-outs with women.

  • Sexual Texting– In this program Christian discusses some of the tools and techniques that guys can use to turn women on over text messaging.

  • The Breathtaking Hello– This bonus is designed to show you how to gain the attention and approach any girl by using a series of fun, witty and natural conversation starters for just about every situation.

  • The Ten Code In this course Christian reveals the secret code of men who are “tens” in their business and life. It’s a top notch 12 month program but you get free access to it for 14 days. (If you decide to continue, a full membership costs $67 per month).

And let’s not forget about the members’ forums where you can post your specific questions and situations, and get quick answers and help from Christian, his coaches, and many other guys who are going down the same path as you.

So, go ahead and take action now. 150,000 people cannot be wrong!


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