Dating trends
Dating trends

Dating trends


They appear and disappear every other day. You can’t escape. How’s that saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them? Give in and read what’s trending in dating.


Pheromone Party

Judy price, the founder, knew exactly what she was looking for in a man, only her relationships never lasted more than a few months. She finally met a guy who wasn’t her type at all and they ended up dating for two years.

What made her go for him? She liked his smell!

She was so excited by this new realization she decided to share it by throwing a pheromone party: She asked her guests to wear the same shirt for 3 days straight and to put in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge until the party.

Then, once the guests arrived at the party, the organizers put their bag on a table and marked it – pink for girls and blue for guys. The organizers also added a different code for each shirt. When the guests turn came, they went to the table and started sniffing. When they found a shirt that had the smell they liked, the shirt’s code was shown on the wall and the happy owner of the shirt came forward.

The next step was to find some place quiet to talk and get to know each other.

Sounds a bit out there huh? But how unbelievable would it be to go to a venue and not have to muster up all the courage to approach a girl only to have her say “I have a boyfriend”?

I mean, you go to one of those parties and all you have to do are two things: wait and sniff. And if a girl likes your smell, it doesn’t matter what you say, it doesn’t matter what you do because she likes you already. You are in.

I like this trend.

Let me know if it works.


Eye Gazing Parties

Speed dating with a twist. You sit in front of your date and stare at her for 2 minutes. Then you move to a different table and stare at another woman for 2 minutes and so on. After 45 minutes of staring a party starts where you can mingle and finally talk to the people you stared at before. Apparently “two minutes of eye contact is the Cadillac of ice-breakers.”

Sounds uncomfortable.

An upgrade of this party is the Eye Gazing Parties that also include relational games where you go through exercise and activities that are design to help people connect.

I have an idea for connecting people: liquor.



Have you heard the term sapiosexual? Apparently it’s a new (at least new to me) trend that started in the online dating sites where people define themselves in their profiles as sapiosexuals. Ok cupid has added this option to its site recently and apparently there’s even a quiz to see whether or not you are one.

The definition for sapiosexual is someone who prefers intellectual abilities over sexual attraction. The perfect example for a sapiosexual is, of course, “The Big Bang Theory” Sheldon cooper.


sheldon cooper dating trends


Now, I define myself as a heterosexual. Still, I do find intelligent women attractive. As long as they look nice.  Are you telling me that a sapiosexual can be sexually attracted to women only because they know the origin of the word “physiology”? Doubtful.

What else is trending now in the dating world??

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