Chris Rock – Women are all about the Mood - Dating Principle
Chris Rock – Women are all about the Mood

Chris Rock – Women are all about the Mood


Chris Rock is a genious. Seriously. The guy knows his women and we can learn a lot from him. Here he explain in his own unique and funny way that sometimes it doesn’t really matter what you do, what you say or what you look like.

Because women are all about the mood. They see you and 5 seconds later they know what is going to happen next. They already decided:

(Taken from his HBO special “Bigger and Blacker” from 1999)



“Women, women, women.

It’s hard to figure women out.

It’s so hard being a guy that we always think we can buy sex, like if I take her here, she’ll give me some.

If I buy her this, she’ll give me some.


Nothing gets you nothing.

Fuck, A WOMAN KNOWS IF SHE’S GONNA FUCK YOU within the first five minutes of meeting you.

Women know right away.

They shaking hands like, “I’M GONNA FUCK HIM.” >> I hope he don’t say nothing stupid”

That’s right, fellas.

Don’t say nothing too stupid ’cause women are all about the mood.

If she’s in the mood to fuck you, Shut up and let it happen, ’cause if you say the wrong thing, them panties are coming up mighty fast.

And she be on the phone with her girlfriend, “yeah, child, “yeah, child, I was gonna give him some, but he just started talking.


Relationships – easy to get into, hard to maintain.”


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