A List of the Best PUA Forums - from Reddit to Roosh
A List of the Best PUA Forums – from Reddit to Roosh

A List of the Best PUA Forums – from Reddit to Roosh


The Best and Most Popular PUA Forums

I’ve looked all around the web for the best PUA forums. Active PUA forums. Forums that you know that if you post a question you’ll get an answer within minutes. Forums that are so great that you can get lost inside the threads. Forums where you’ll feel a part of a community. Forums where you can form friendships.

Happy exploring.



It all began in the University of Virginia. A forum which is as old as the beginning of PUA forums. It’s by far the most popular forum out there. The seduction category, has very useful articles which mainly talk about how to get a first date, the circle of seduction and how to have a win-win situation at clubs and bars. Something appealing about this forum is how users can move up and down the comments made and organize the whole forum according to the relevance that each comment should have in regard to users.



One of the most popular pick up artists from the U.S.A, who started his blog many years ago to escalate the potential of men when trying to get women. This forum doesn’t only focus on the topics of just how to get women to like you in the way you want them to, but also talks about topics like confidence, traveling, personal development and fitness, all essential parts of a diversified and interesting manly personality. The fitness forum is very detailed and gives great advice on body image.



The real social dynamics forum. The forum is composed of a team of 9 authors all of them are executive coaches on subjects regarding self-confidence and personal life improvement processes. What makes this team of authors so well mixed is the fact that they come from different countries and backgrounds. It is really easy to get a clear idea of how the magic of picking up works, just by reading the forums here on sex and the foundation of the game. If you are looking for tips on social dynamic and success when dating or getting what you want this forum will work for you.



Bringing the flavor you were expecting to get from PUA forums. Publishes authors on this forum like Hector Castillo, who can write really interesting articles on topics such as 24 Ways to be a (Lovable) Dick to Girls or How to be Quirky, in an Attractive, Winning Way. The way the forum is laid out is by categories for example: Beginners, for game starters, General topics just for entertainment and of course Tactics & Strategies and Sex with all the juicy details you were looking for.



This is an innovative forum on pick up artists, because the team of writers are actually men and women. They mix their ideas, points of view and advices to provide a full insight of the dating world. By joining the vision of women in this dating topic, readers can really have a clearer idea of how it functions on both sides. The forum is mostly directed for women but it can be really useful for men too just to get a better understanding of the female perspective.



As easy as that. How to have a simple pick up. The writers due presents a nice blend of backgrounds. Both American, one of them coming from a traditional Asian family and still able to break the rules and come out as a successful player. And his partner, an inspiring player who believes that seeking for solution and personal improvement is the best way to get your game on. The forum has topics like: Become a boss, Girl crushes and Pick up adventures.



The authors of this forum bring out a lot of topics on how to attract women and even leave open discussion forums which are very helpful when seeking different points of view and advice on getting the woman you want. It also has catchy topics like: Don Juan tips. Fun to read but at the same time forum reach the goal of delivering creative easy-to-use advice.



The love systems forum. The forum is organized in a very easy to use way. You can find forums on day game, texting, field reports. The authors are the love systems famous instructors and you can read their writings in the forum. The forum offers a newbie section to help the new ones not to get overwhelmed and also chat room to get online free advice on any personal and specific topics.



Authors really do bring out the sexiest PUA subjects that can be talked about. Things like “Lay reports” or simply “meet up and wing!” can give you the information you were missing out of your game. It is really useful how this forum also speaks about long-term improvements such as advices on anxiety and self-esteem.



Yes, there actually is an organization named “manwhore.” A hardcore personal transformation is promoted as a result of joining the forum. It does seem very possible just by getting your hands on: Physical and Sexual Escalation. And of course on subjects such as leadership and charisma which are subjects also taken into consideration in the forum because it is explained as being the 50% or even more when completing your personal PUA tool package.



A wide variety of professional authors are provided on the forums. All of them carry out a similar tone but are all very good at specifying the important techniques that men need to become dating artists, with forums on day, night and online gaming, even a Women forum is available which again it is also a very useful thing when a man tries to play his cards right.



The Venusian Arts forum. A great number of authors are published here as well, including, of course, Mystery. The forum encourage users to post their own PUA stories to share what truly brings out results. Also they offer forums on field reports and inner game.



Men to men. This forum really makes an effort on only publishing the best. The authors of the forum are placed and shown according to their ranking position. Users are invited to vote and get the best of the best on PUA. The General question forum is the most popular, because it brings out common topics such as: Kissing techniques, staying hard and improving your dating game. The best worldwide ranked authors are here.


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