10 Things Men will do for Sex
10 Things Men will do for Sex

10 Things Men will do for Sex


There’s no question that men will do (almost?) anything to get a girl to agree to sex. Here are my top 10.

1.Spend your entire life savings: if you are with a girl who thinks she deserves to be pampered than you have to spend. It’s the old tit for tat. You buy her jewelry, take her out to fancy dinners and she agrees to be seen with the likes of you.

2. Follow her to the end of the world: you meet a girl but then she has to go back home. You know that if you spend a little more time together, there’s a chance for sex. You have to fly to see her, right? It’s the only thing to do.


3. Promise everything under the sun: you promise to shave, to meet her friends. You promise to get out before you cum, you promise to divorce you wife.

4. Lie through your teeth: not too different from number 3 because your promises are probably lies. But there are men who take lying to the next level. They invent a new self. They invent a whole new life. They even live two different lives with two different families. Nuts huh? Why not just go Mormon and save a lot of the hassle.

5. Agree to wear condoms: pretty much self-explanatory. Yea, you hate it, you try to talk her out of it but if it’s either or, than you do it because you’d rather get laid then not. Simple as that.

6. Sell out your friends: “you are so right about Donnie, he’s a douche. I once saw him hitting on a nun.” You’d miss Donnie’s wedding if you thought you had a chance for sex.


7. Beg and plead: once you reach blue balls level you have nothing to lose. Well, except your pride. Do not do it! unless it means this

8. Go to war: Helena of Troy rings a bell? “The face that launched a thousand ships”

9. Telling her you love her: ouch. But it does happen. Girls are suckers for romance and when a guy tells them he loves them, they melt. Even if they don’t love him back. But, of course, it’s not recommended. I mean, what will you do after?

10. Clean your room: a hard one but for the chance of sex, definitely doable. And it’s not really cleaning, more like tiding up: dirty clothes are stuffed in the closet, pizza boxes are stuffed in the trash can. Just don’t forget that the floor is sticky so just make sure she keeps her shoes on.

What else will men do to get a girl in bed?


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